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    Timber Harvest & Prescribed Fire Tour

    15th Annual Timber Harvest and Prescribed Fire Tour: Monroe Mountain

    PARTNERS: USU Extension, Utah Division of Natural Resources - Forestry, Intermountain Society of American Foresters, U.S. Forest Service, Southern Rockies Fire Science Network, Monroe Mountain Working Group


    The 15th Annual Timber Harvest Tour included stops on Monroe Mountain that highlighted restoration efforts including prescribed fire and various treatments.


    The objectives of this tour were to highlight areas on Monroe Mountain that have undergone aspen treatments, hand-cutting operations, thinning of white fir, a salvage sale in Engelmann spruce, and to showcase preparation treatments in advance of a prescribed broadcast burn. 



    Timber Harvest Tour 2016Aspen treatment

      Timber Harvest Tour 2016

    Aspen treatment

     Timber Harvest Tour 2016

    Timber Harvest Tour 2016

    Timber Harvest Tour 2016

    Fuels treatment surrounding rural cabin