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    Biomass Presentations and Publications

    Find presentations from biomass experts here. More presentations are upcoming.

    Monitoring Effects of PJ Harvest and Utilization Final Report (December 2014); USU PI / Liaison: Darren McAvoy, Co-PIs: Kari E. Veblen, Helga Van Miegroet, Ron Ryle; Student Research Assistants: Brittany Duncan, Shane Stickney, Department of Wildland Resources

    Biochar Demonstration to Remediate Pollution in Oregon research funded by the USDA Forest Service, in cooperation with Family Forests of Oregon

    Using Steam-Activated Biochar to Reduce Excessive Copper Levels published by the Journal of Environmental Quality

    Biochar Basics "Learn at Lunch" webcast presented by USU Forestry Extension and the Utah DFFSL

    Reducing Carbon Emissions from Sagebrush-Steppe fact sheet from the SageSTEP group published January 2014

    The promise (and uncertainties) of Biochar article by Nancy Maddox published in the September 2013 CSA News

    Biochar Utilization Instructions Instructions on the usage of biochar in nursery applications by the Business Environmental Program, University of Nevada, Reno

    A Field Demonstration for Mobile Torrefaction to Produce Biochar research from the NC Farm Center for Innovation & Sustainability

    Biochar Amendments to Forest soils: Effects on Soil Properties and Tree Growth research done by Kristin McEligott of the University of Idaho

    A Handful of Carbon article by Johannes Lehmann published in the 10 May 2007 issue of the journal, Nature

    Biochar: Recycling Waste Biomass to its Highest Value Use pdf of a PowerPoint by Hugh McLaughlin given in 2010

    Biochar and Sustainable Agriculture informational sheet published by ATTRA - The National Sustainable Agricultural Information Service

    The Use of Seedbed Modifications and Wood Chips to accelerate Restoration of Well Pad Sites research published in the Journal of Restoration Ecology

    Environmental Consequences of Pyrolysis pdf of a Powerpoint presentation by the U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station

    Use of Biochar as a Soil Amendment report by Washington State University

    An Introduction to Woody Biomass and Biochar in Utah recorded webcast by UBRG co-chair Darren McAvoy

    Biomass Cofiring in Utility Boilers in-depth study by N.S. Harding & Associates

    Biomass Cofiring in Utility Boilers -- General Overview pdf of a PowerPoint by N.S. Harding & Associates

    Pinyon Pine and Juniper Biochar Application to Four Eastern Nevada Soils report by USDA-ARS Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory

    Analysis of Utah Juniper-Based Biochar report by Control Laboratories

    Off-Road Transport of Pinyon/Juniper report by the U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Center

    Biomass Cofiring Study pdf of a PowerPoint by the University of Utah Institute for Clean and Secure Energy

    Intermountain Planting Guide report by the USDA-ARS Forage and Range Research Lab and Utah State University Extension