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    Technical Reports & Peer Reviewed Articles on Biochar

    Pyrolysis of whole wood chips and rods in a novel ablative reactor

    By: Guanqun Luo, Devin S. Chandler, Luiz C.A. Anjos, Ryan J. Eng, Pei Jia, Fernando L.P. Resende


    The Influence of Biochar, Slow-Release Molasses, and an Organic N:P:K Fertilizer on Transplant Survival of Pyrus communis 'Williams' Bon Chretien'

    By: Emma Schaffert and Glynn Percival


    Bioenergy Production Systems and Biochar Application in Forests Potential for Renewable Energy, Soil Enhancement, and Carbon Sequestration

    By: Kristin McElligott, Deborah Page-Dumrose, Mark Coleman


    Annual accounting of net greenhouse gas balance response to biochar addition in a coastal saline bioenergy cropping system in China

    By: Yaojun Zhang, Feng Lin, Xiaofei Want, Jianwen Zou, Shuwei Liu


    Biochar Application in Malaysian Sandy and Acid Sulfate Soils

    By: Theeba Manickam, Gerard Cornelissen, Robert T. Bachmann, Illani Z. Ibrahim, Jan Mulder, Sara E. Hale


    Biochar for Sustainable Soil Health A Review of Prospects and Concerns

    By: Aabid H. Lone, Ghulam R. Najar, Mumtaz A. Ganie, Javid A. Sofi, Tahir Ali



    Effects of Biochar Blends on Microbial Community Composition in Two Coastal Plain Soils

    By: Thomas F. Ducey, Jeffrey M. Novak, Mark G. Johnson

    November 2015

    Evaluating the agronomic benefits of biochar amended soils in an organic system - Results from a field study at the UBC Farm, Vancouver

    By: Jessica Dennis, Tim Carter, Kelvin C.S. Kou, Dave McCandless, Michael Millar, and Mark Johnson

    Biochar and Manure Effects on Net Nitrogen Mineralization and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Calcareous Soil under Corn

    By: R.D. Lentz, J.A. Ippolito, K.A. Spokas



    Biochar and Manure Affect Calcareous Soil and Corn Silage Nutrient Concentrations and Uptake

    By: R.D. Lentz and J.A. Ippolito



    Delving into Biochar

    By: Scott Jamieson

    March 2013

    Delving into biochar article cover

    Utah Development: Mobile Pyrolysis Metsätalous (Finnish Forestry Journal)

    By: Tekksti Christian Lankinen

    February 2015


    The effect of paper sludge and biochar addition on brown peat and coir based growing media properties

    By: A. Mendez, J. Paz-Ferreiro, E. Gil, G. Gasco

    July 2015


    Compost and biochar alter mycorrhization, tomato root exucation, and development of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici

    By: Adnan Akhter, Karin Hage-Ahmed, Gerhard Soja and Siegrid Steinkellner

    July 2015


    An economic analysis of biochar production using residues from Eucalypt plantations

    By: A. Wrobel-Tobiszewska, M. Boersma, J. Sargison, P. Adams, S. Jarick

    October 2015


    Impact of biochar addition on the physical and hydraulic properties of a clay soil

    By: M. Castellini, L. Giglio, M. Niedda, A.D. Palumbo, D. Ventrella

    December 2015


    Bioenergy Alliance Network of the Rockies Interim Report

    April 2015


    The conversion of sewage sludge into biochar reduces polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content and ecotoxicity but increases trace metal content

    By: Zielinska, Anna, Oleszczuk, P.

    April 2015


    Agriculture: State-of-the-art Soil

    By: Cernansky, Rachel

    January 15, 2015


    Potentials to Mitigate Climate Change Using Biochar

    By: Bruckman, Viktor J., Klinglmüller, Michaela

    September 2014

    Presentation from IURFO 2014 Conference, Salt Lake City


    Biochar-Induced Changes in Soil Hydraulic Conductivity and Dissolved Nutrient Fluxes Constrained by Laboratory Experiments

    By: Barnes, Rebecca et al.

    September 2014


    Biochar Used Successfully to Treat Fracking Water

    By: Cooks, Steven Trent

    May 2014

    Southwest Research Institute (TX) & University of Texas (San Antonio)


    (Photo from Steven Trent Cooks; Adsorption of Contaminants Found in Hydraulic Fracking Produced Water Utilizing Cost-Effective Biochar Treatment)

    Summary of a Biochar Demonstration and Its Potential Application in Nevada

    University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2014

    By: Steinmann, Frederick., Davis, Rodney., Urbanowitz, Seth


    (Photo from Factsheet: Summary of a Biochar Demonstration and Its Potential Application in Nevada)