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    About UBRG

    Biomass is any organic matter that is renewable. Biomass is stored solar energy.

    The mission of the Utah Biomass Resources Group (UBRG) is to assist in building a sustainable biomass utilization industry in Utah. The UBRG will help to develop, coordinate and support bioenergy and biomass utilization efforts in Utah. Current estimates according to CROP (Coordinated Resource Offering Protocol) data are that approximately 45 million green tons could be made available in Utah for renewable energy over the next 5 years. The development of woody biomass for energy could help the state and country develop/expand a local renewable source of energy, and at the same time reduce the cost of many forest management projects.

    Using woody biomass for energy can substantially reduce the amount of open burning done in the state and therefore reduce the amount of air pollution. Reducing heavy fuel loads will also reduce the size and intensity of wildfires. The use of woody biomass for energy offsets the release of fossilized carbon that has been geologically stored in the form of coal, oil and gas when it is burned for energy. Sustainable biomass industries will aid in promoting forest health, watershed protection, renewable energy development, renewable resource utilization, and rural job development.

    UBRG is sponsored in part by:

    Utah Department of Agriculture and Food
    US Forest Service
    Utah State University Extension